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About DermaHarmony Skin Care and Products

DermaHarmony is devoted to helping psoriasis sufferers (and folks with other skin ailments) listen to their bodies and take action. We believe happiness and health is our body's natural state. But, sometimes it takes a wee bit of help to acheive that natural state. We offer products to help you improve and maintain your skin health, all based on the latest scientific and clinical evidence, and manufactured and tested in certified laboratories at the same high standards as prescription drugs. Proven, pure ingredients at just the right dosages—products you can trust.

DermaHarmony and its products were developed out of necessity. The product formulations were originally founded by a sufferer of severe itching, scaling, and inflammation associated with severe psoriasis. In 1995, he was hospitalized in the Psoriasis Wing of Dartmouth College's Mary Hitchcock Hospital for treatment of this debilitating disorder. Shortly thereafter, the FDA re-categorized psoriasis as an ailment rather than a disease, which resulted in the elimination of healthcare coverage for this type of hospitalization. The Mary Hitchcock Hospital's Psoriasis Wing subsequently closed its doors. In 1996, we assembled a group of leading doctors, chemists, pharmacists and pharmaceutical manufacturers to develop a line of products based on the active ingredients found in the medications used during his hospital treatment. The resulting line of Skin-Plaque Solution™ products was launched in 1997.

By 2005, it was clear that the Skin-Plaque products worked extremely well to relieve discomfort of psoriasis outbreaks, but that more support was needed for increased prevention and longer remission. The company was reorganized and re-branded to offer products under the direction of new owner David Addison who spent many years in the healthcare marketplace. In 2006 DermaHarmony, or D3 Development, Inc., acquired the Skin-Plaque Solution™ brand and product formulations.

The DermaHarmony team strives to promote healing from the inside out, starting with nutrition, core supplementation, diet, and lifestyle. We offer a free skin assessment and sample psoriasis diet meal plan to help you get started on a healthy recovery. Our exceptional line of pharmaceutical-grade nutrients—DermaEssentials™, DermaHarmony D-3, and DermaDetox™—were formulated after a comprehensive review of the published work of holistic, psoriasis and nutritional experts. Our new goal became clear—to offer a user-friendly, nutritionally-based product line that helps prevent serious skin conditions from flaring-up.

David Addison suffers from rosacea, and M. Smith, Nurse Practitioner has a history of severe acne and seborrheic dermatitis; both are dedicated to helping others with a variety of skin conditions to look and feel better! At DermaHarmony we believe that strengthening the immune system and making healthful changes in lifestyle can help to prevent disease. Though DermaHarmony rejects many of the conventional treatments and may initially be ridiculed by many orthodox practitioners, it is difficult to argue with our results.

The vision of Skin-Plaque Solution™ and DermaHarmony™ remains focused on the continued research and development required to improve and expand our line of products, as well as yield new products to treat a variety of serious skin disorders.

Thank you for reading 'about us'—we hope you enjoy our site and our products!


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