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about dermaharmony

About DermaHarmony

DermaHarmony is devoted to helping folks with chronic skin conditions listen to their bodies and take action. We believe happiness and health is our body's natural state. But, sometimes it takes a wee bit of help to acheive that natural state. We offer several mostly natural products to help you improve and maintain your skin health, all based on scientific and clinical evidence, and manufactured and tested in certified laboratories at the same high standards as prescription drugs.

The firm was born in 1997 as Skin-Plaque Solution and then reorganized and branded in 2006 as DermaHarmony under new owner David Addison. David suffers from a number of skin conditions and that makes what we do here personal. The small DermaHarmony team strives to promote healing from the inside out, starting with nutrition, core supplementation, diet, and lifestyle.

We hope you enjoy our website and our products!

57 Exchange Street—Suite 302
Portland, ME 04101 USA

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