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Boron is a trace element that plays an important role in the absorption of calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and copper. It may help reduce pain associated with PMS and arthritis symptoms. Boron also assists in normal brain function.

Boron deficiency may cause malabsorption of calcium and magnesium, which can lead to arthritis and osteoporosis. A deficiency in boron may also contribute to high blood pressure.

Boron can be found in honey, raisins, nuts, dates, prunes, pears, grapes, beans and green leafy vegetables.

Health benefits of boron

  • Assists in the absorption of calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and copper
  • May improve brain function
  • Help improve symptoms of osteoporosis, arthritis and psoriasis
  • May reduce pain associated with PMS

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Principal Author: M. Ofiyeva
Date of Initial Publication: 10/02/2008
Article Last Updated: 03/10/2011