How it works

Our Products

Whether for the bath or the shower, a face or hair wash or for giving to friends and family, select from our finely made specialty soaps. We are known for our no-frills triple-milled medicated soaps. We're more than just soap — we're complexion clean-up.

We'd Like to Earn Your Business

We're not interested in selling you products. Really, we want to earn your business. If our products work and we give you good service, you'll become a loyal customer.

Give our products a try and if you're not satisfied, we'll give your money back.

It's that simple!

  • We're transparent about the ingredients we use
  • We try to keep it simple – precisely what is needed and nothing more
  • Where possible, we're all about using natural & simple ingredients
  • We follow sustainable business practices
  • We work hard to always do the right thing