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What happened to the ZNP bar & brand? Stiefel Laboratories stopped producing the "ZNP Bar" in 2010. We don't know why. The product was well liked by professionals in the medical community and the public. Stiefel Labs was acquired by GlaxoSmithKline in July 2009 to create a new specialist dermatology business. Glaxo, we gather by their actions, was uninterested in the soap business, likely due to lower margins and lots of competition. Availability of Stiefel Labs ZNP Bar ceased shortly after the acquisition. They also discontinued SASid (their Salicylic Acid and Sulfur soap), Acne-Aid, and their Sulfur Soap. PanOxyl (the BPO cleansing bar) went into short supply in 2012. Zeasorb was discontinued in the UK in 2013. And the formula for the PanOxyl foaming wash was changed in 2018 leading to lots of consumer dissatisfaction. It sure seems like GlaxoSmithKline does not want to stay in the soap business. On the flip-side, we love our business and plan to make our products for many years to come. The DermaHarmony Pyrithione Zinc soap is very similar to the original Stiefel Labs ZNP. Many customers of ours say that they like our soap as well or better than the original ZNP bar. Others say that the liked the original.

What does the Pyrithione Zinc bar smell like? Is it scent-free? Our DermaHarmony Pyrithione Zinc Bar Soap has no added fragrance. It smells like good old fashioned soap – We struggle to find words when asked to describe the soap's smell. Everything smells like something, right? Most non-fragrance soaps, well -- they smell like soap, but are slightly unique to one another due to their different ingredients. The best answer is simple, clean, and organic-like. The smell is very slight. A nice faint soap smell. A slight fragrance of what you would expect from a natural soap made from oils. Most customers say that there is no smell or just a faint soap smell.