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DermaHarmony Stories

These stories are true, from the voices of our customers. We treat customer stories shared with our advisors with the greatest care. To protect the privacy of our customers and maintain the authenticity of the stories, we have only changed their names.

We congratulate Bruce for his health and diet transformation and are pleased to share his story with you. "In January, I found myself faced with the reality that the 240-pound man in the mirror really was me. Now, that's not bad, maybe, if you're a 6'3" collegiate linebacker. However, I'm a 6'1", 35-year-old with fairly severe psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. I have been taking Methotrexate and undergoing Remicade infusions for a couple years now, and have been doing much better."

Bruce continues:"The extra 40 pounds hanging off of me was just too much even for aggressive treatment to overcome. That's when I stumbled upon your 1400 calorie diet plan. I've been following the diet plan and guidelines for more than two months now and I'm down to a much more comfortable 205 lbs. Not only have I shed unnecessary pounds, but also what turns out to have been unnecessary pain and inflammation. Even the roller coaster effect of my psoriasis between infusions has leveled out a bit. Just five more pounds to go. Thanks for the help."
- B.N.

In the prime of his life, John in his mid-30s, a working Dad of three great kids refused to wear clothes with short sleeves. Eczema covered one hand, wrist, and most of his arm. He was self-conscious and told our advisor, "... besides being embarrassed, it was both itchy and painful." John tried Skin-Plaque Solution Spray for a week and his symptoms are significantly better. He shared that he and his family are eating better and that he even lost a couple pounds. "I feel great and my arm looks much better ... and with summer coming up, I can't wait to wear short sleeves soon."
- J.M.

"Thank you for your very helpful and informative online article on hard water dermatitis. I began bathing recently in heavily lime-scaled water (washing clothes and bed linen in it also), and developed topical irritant dermatitis. I had been thinking the cause was some unidentified dietary factor, but your article has nailed it. The moment I read it, lights went on, it was so obvious. All medical practitioners should be aware of this, but they're not."
- P.R.

At age 43, Tammy learns the power of the Healing Diet. "Thank you for all the great information. The most striking changes have been in my complexion, energy levels and mental feeling. I feel better than I've felt in years. I had painful acne for my entire life and nothing seemed to work. To think that I didn't have to live with it is mind blowing. I'd pretty much given up after trying so many topical drugs. The acne is so much better! I'm so happy and thankful."
- T.S.

"Deirdre Earls's book has truly changed my life. Cool stuff...".
- R.B.

Tony was 12 when he learned that he had Psoriasis. He's lived with plaque psoriasis flair ups for 25 years with hardly any success. While doing research on biological response modifiers and the disturbing side effects, Tony found DermaHarmony and agreed to try it, though he was still skeptical. He's been using DermaEssentials supplements and following the meal plans that Deirdre Earls helped us put together. Here's what Tony has to say. "It's been 8 months and my psoriasis is doing much better. Surprisingly better." "I wouldn't say I'm following the diet all of the time—but it certainly makes a huge difference. My psoriasis has gone down by about 80%."

At age 35, Glen, an advertising director for a children's book publisher and father of three, was suffering from a horrific looking patch of skin that covered his right hand and forearm. It appeared to be classic dermatitis. "The area had been a mess for years... It was so bad that I was embarrassed and wore long-sleeved shirts... After trying Skin-Plaque Solution Spray for just a few days it was 90% better... I'm eating better, have lost a few pounds, and at the moment I'm in the middle of a 21-day cleanse. I feel great and my arm and hand look a lot better."
- G.H.

"My skin was clear in 10 days. Skin-Plaque Solution™ is the best thing I've used in 20 years!"
- D.T.

"I haven't been sick since I began your DermaEssentials™ program. My skin is much better, and I know that if I stay on the diet for another few months I'll be totally free from psoriasis. The diet guide is wonderful." LuAnne is a 42-year-old mother of three who dreaded the coming of each winter because it brought psoriasis outbreaks. She finally decided to take matters into her own hands last fall. She's taking our supplements, has used DermaDetox™ and is adhering to a strict healing diet. She's also lost 14 pounds since starting the program. "Why didn't my dermatologist suggest this sort of thing years ago?"
- L.F.

"I'm finally wearing short sleeves again!"
- E.L.

"Life is good again!" Jim is a registered nurse who has occasional outbreaks of mild psoriasis. Searching for information on zinc spray led him to us. Now he's on the DermaEssentials Program, looking great and feeling healthier than he's felt in several years. "I never dreamed that curing my psoriasis could lead to more intimacy in my marriage." For years, Jim had been suffering from chronic constipation. Nothing the doctors gave him really worked. The constipation took its toll on Jim's love life. After doing the DermaHarmony Detox and changing the way he ate, Jim's constipation and psoriasis for the most part disappeared. "I use the DermaDetox™ colon formula every 30 days and love it." Jim is sharing the information he found here with his friends and coworkers.
- J.K.

"I had a terrible flare-up. I couldn't even sleep at night. In two weeks it was gone!"
- M. P.

"Deirdre Earls's book has truly changed my life. Cool stuff... " At age 36, Robin's history of psoriasis filled page upon page in her medical chart. Struggling with obesity, a yeast problem, depression and anxiety on top of the psoriasis, Robin never imagined how good she could look and feel until she began the Program.
- R.B.

"Thank you for giving me back my skin."
- F.A.

"I was running on adrenaline, and it just about wiped me out." Having started a new business in his late-50's, Todd was under enormous stress and exhausted all of the time. He had been using another skin zinc spray and searched the 'net looking to reorder. Then he found DermaHarmony. Todd was so bloated and felt like he was full of nothing but poison. After reading about diet, and colon and liver, he ordered everything. The diet and nutritional changes did the trick. He still has problems with dermatitis when he's not paying attention to his health. His energy is back and he's been able to drop some unwanted pounds.
- T.R.

"Skin-Plaque Solution™ is the only product that has worked for me. The relief is almost immediate. I've been using it for six years, and it never ceases to amaze me!"
- N.C.

"I no longer have to worry about my skin falling off in front of people."
- S.O.

"I suffered needlessly for 15 years."
- A.P.

"After years of using expensive drugs that never worked, I found relief in one day and was cleared up in ten!"
- J. M.