FAQ - Grace of Me Shampoo Bars

How is the Grace of Me shampoo bar different from the DermaHaony shampoo bars?

There are three broad categories of shampoo bars 1) soap-based bars; 2) hybrid bars; 3) non-soap based syndet bars. You'll find all three types of bars can be found on Amazon and Etsy. The Grace of Me bars are high performance hybrid bars (hot processed).

We don't make soap-based bars anymore. That's because soap-based bars have big performance problems in hard-water where these type bars can leave a nasty soapy film in your hair. With soap-based bars the solution to the soapy film is to rinse with an apple cider vinegar dilution. The Generation I Grace of Me bars were soap-based. In March 2020 we pivoted the formulation to hybrid bars. Soap-based is the most natural approach. We wanted the first generation bars to work for everyone. They just didn't perform for about 40% of buyers. There are brands like J.R. Liggett's that make this type bar and cater to folks that want super natural - old school bars. The soap-bases bars are not what the vast majority of consumers want.

The Grace of Me Generation II bars are hybrid. We use a blend of Sodium Stearate (soap), Glycerin, and Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (SCI). SCI is a synthetic detergent. SCI is made by reacting sodium isethionate with the fatty acid from coconut oil or other chlorides. The mixture is heated to remove water and distilled to remove excess fatty acid. Sodium isethionate is the organic salt isethionic acid (C2H6O4S), which is an organosulfur compound. This is a ‘man made’ - highly engineered substance derived from plant matter. It is known in the industry as 'baby foam' due to its exceptional mildness. By mixing soap and SCI which is a SYNDET we get a great bar that works in both hard and soft water. Not very many manufacturers make bars this way. Customers are in love with the Grace of Me bars.

The DermaHarmony branded shampoo bars are syndet bars. Syndet is a blended word made by combining the words “synthetic” and “detergent.” Technically it is a cleansing product made by the binding of different synthetic detergents. These bars contain no natural soap or glycerin. The ingredients are heavily engineered/man made -- but, they are still made from plant-based matter. This type bar is the ‘rock star' of shampoo bars. It performs in all water types with all pH levels and suds like no other. Many shampoo bar makers have a rice-grain appearance to their bars. The rice-grain looking white substance is SCI. That's because these manufacturers are melting and pouring or pressing bars that have not been fully mixed. SCI (the largest syndet ingredient by weight) is extremely sticky and difficult to work with. To make the

With DermaHarmony bars we use a Duplex Vacuum Soap Plodder/Extruder and stamp the bars under very high pressure. Grace of Me bars are heated and poured.

One last point. SCI is an expensive ingredient - very expensive. It drives up the cost of the DermaHarmony bar to above $10. SCI is known to be very safe -– it’s a a low-sensitivity surfactant unlikely to be responsible for any irritation or sensitivity.

We've made all three type bars. There’s a place in the market for all three types. The DermaHarmony bars perform best in rural settings where water is not conditioned to make it soft. It's interesting to note that Paris, France has very hard water. So, it's not entirely a rural vs urban thingy. All of the zinc bars work on oily scalps about the same.

Are Grace of Me bars cruelty free?

They are cruelty-free. The ingredients/components and final product have not been tested on animals. Grace of Me shampoo bars don't contain any animal ingredients either.

Is the Grace of Me brand more eco friendly?

Yes.  The bars are packed in a degradable kraft envelope and the shipping envelope/box, tape... just about everything used to make the bars is tuned for friendliness to the planet. 

Are Grace of Me Shampoo bars safe for color treated hair?

Yes.  The bars will not strip away color any faster than your typical color-safe liquid shampoo.