D3 Development, Inc.

Let's get personal! We're a family business (Victoria, David, Grace, William) plus a small group of brilliant associates.  That's the Addison family in the picture.

DermaHarmony® is a Maine-based business owned by David Addison (52) and incorporated as D3 Development, Inc. We make a small line of top dermatologist recommended personal care products. We're not a huge faceless corporation. Every day the four of us, plus our staff, are hard at work making quality skin care products and servicing customers. David also owns an advertising agency that he founded in 2003 that focuses on ski resorts and direct to consumer health products.

The business was started in 1997 and was rebranded DermaHarmony in 2006 when David purchased the business from one of his advertising agency clients. David suffered from severe adult acne and rosacea - his long battle with problem skin and background in product formulation and marketing is what pulled him into the business. David's actually dumbfounded that he was prescribed dozens of harsh drugs over a 35 year period that didn't work. For almost 20 years David took antibiotics to lessen his rosacea. It was a combination of Pyrithione Zinc, Sulfur, and Salicylic Acid soap that cleared his skin problems. And the cost - less than $8 per month without a prescription. Helping others to find clear skin is what drives our business.

DermaHarmony's chemist began making soap in the 70s and spent 40 years formulating and manufacturing soap all over the world for some of today's largest global brands. We manufacture the bulk of our soap in an ISO 9001 registered facility for both bar and liquid soaps.  We make certified organic products, FDA-registered drugs, RSPO products, and non-GMO products. Our soaps are made in the USA using domestic ingredients where possible.

Grace of Me, Inc.

In early 2018 Grace Addison expressed interest in making solid shampoo bars.  That's Grace in the picture with natural peppermint shampoo bars on a drying tray. She's now 14 years old. It all came about because of an 8th grade project about ecology, pollution, and recycling waste.  At that moment David was at work redesigning the zinc liquid castile soap bottles.  Grace questioned the environmental impact of those plastic bottles.  This was the genesis for her solid shampoo bars.  Grace of Me, Inc. belongs to Grace.  It's all her, with help from mom & dad, and production staff.  Her products have done well in the USA and she has growing pockets of business in the UK, Europe, and Asia.

The Grace of Me brand will be split away as soon as it reaches critical mass.  Until then, Grace's want to impact the planet less trickles down to DermaHarmony.

We hope you enjoy our website and our products!  To all of our loyal followers, thank you for being a part of our journey.