D3 Development, Inc.

It all started in 1997 in a building in the heart of a small resort town in Maine. DermaHarmony® (as it would later be known) began making products containing zinc pyrithione and salicylic acid for the Psoriasis community.

This was a transformative year for the ingredient Zinc Pyrithione as customer word of mouth, radio marketing, and Internet hype all converged. A new way of buying things began to go mainstream. Influential e-commerce marketplaces Amazon and eBay both completed one million transactions in 1997. A market that had been locked-up by old companies such as pre-merger Stiefel Laboratories, Inc. (formerly Stiefel Medicinal Soap Company, Inc.) was in-play - there was an opportunity to create new cleaner/more natural products and to price more competitively. 1997 was also the year that curbside recycling collection programs served more than half the US population. It was the year of the Kyoto Protocol which led to a global focus on reduction of greenhouse gases. Recycling and sustainability were becoming mainstream and Green products were no longer relegated to the counterculture niche. 

Our first products included a psoriasis gel, topical zinc spray, zinc shampoo, and salicylic acid conditioner. Our focus was exclusively psoriasis, dandruff, and seborrheic dermatitis.  Success didn't come quick.  We soldiered on for more than 15 years growing a wee bit each year.  

Helping others to find clear skin is what drives DermaHarmony. It's the only reason we're in business. For 25+ years we've been building customer loyalty, one customer at a time. 

David Addison suffered from severe adult acne and rosacea - his long battle with problem skin and a background in product formulation, manufacturing, and marketing is what pulled him into this business in 2000 as the owner of a marketing agency. For almost 20 years David used antibiotics to lessen his rosacea. It was a combination of Pyrithione Zinc, Sulfur, and Salicylic Acid soap that cleared his skin problems. And the cost - less than $10 per month without a prescription. David is dumbfounded that he was prescribed dozens of harsh drugs over a 35 year period that didn't work. David Addison became the sole owner of DermaHarmony in 2006.

Today, we make a small line of dermatologist recommended soaps. Our focus is cleansing problem skin. We're not backed by private equity. We don't have influential advisors or brand ambassadors on Youtube, Facebook, and TikTok. We reject pushy advertising tactics in favor of attracting customers with real value. We're busy making great products! It's what we do. Engage with DermaHarmony on your own terms.

When you invest your hard-earned dollars in DermaHarmoy products you're supporting a small family business that manufacturers products in the United States. We're focused on honesty, integrity, trust, and earning long-term customer relationships.  Without our loyal customers we could not be in business.

Addison Family DermaHarmony

That's the Addison family in the picture with David Addison on the left. The twins Grace and William, who both worked for the company, started college in September 2022 (majoring in the sciences at Dickinson & Trinity). David's wife, Victoria, is employed elsewhere.

Our chemist began making soap in the late 70s and has spent 40 years formulating and manufacturing soap all over the world for some of today's largest brands. Our soaps are made in the USA, using domestic ingredients where possible. Our Food and Drug Administration assigned NDC (National Drug Code) company number is 71819.

From the onset we set out make quality products that fit with heathy lifestyles. We avoid chemicals that dermatologists consider undesirable. We favor ingredients derived from nature. We don’t use artificial fragrances or colors. Nothing is tested on animals. We don’t use MPG, parabens or PEG. We support sustainable growing and harvesting practices. We source from suppliers who value human and labor rights. We give back to our community. We price competitively! And above all, we only manufacture products that work.



Grace of Me, Inc.

In early 2018, 15-year-old Grace Addison expressed interest in making solid shampoo bars.  That's Grace in the picture with natural peppermint shampoo bars on a drying tray. It all came about because of an 8th grade project about ecology, pollution, and recycling waste.  At that moment David was at work redesigning the zinc liquid castile soap bottles.  Grace questioned the environmental impact of those plastic bottles.  This was the genesis for her solid shampoo bars (and the later addition of DermaHarmony shampoo bars).  Grace of Me, Inc. belongs to Grace.  It's all her, with help from mom & dad, and production staff.  Her products have done well in the USA and she has growing pockets of business in the UK, Europe, and Asia.

The Grace of Me brand will be split away as soon as it reaches critical mass.  Until then, Grace's want to impact the planet less trickles down to DermaHarmony.

We hope you enjoy our website and our products!  To all of our loyal followers, thank you for being a part of our journey.