Grace of Me

  • Andrea F.

    I love everything about this bar and it perfectly replaces the Z-Bar which is no longer available. Nothing else compares to this. It’s fragrance free, soap free, and effective.

    Face & Body Bar 
  • E. King

    I have back/shoulder acne, and I've been using this for about a month now, and my skin has cleared up so much!! I've still got plenty of the bar left, so color me impressed!

    BPO Bar 
  • Paul C.

    There’s no negatives with this product. There’s no lingering scent, the Zinc Pyrithione prevents any seborheic dermatitis breakouts, it’s mild and doesn’t dry out my skin, etc. It’s also PH balanced.

    Face & Body Bar 
  • Sarah B.

    I bought it after sulfur soap (10%) was recommended for Perioral Dermatitis. It helped to clear it up after several items I tried didn’t work. I use it once a day.

    Sulfur Bar 
  • Amy L.

    I was hesitant to make the change from liquid shampoo because I thought a bar would not lather. I’m so happy I did! I am amazed at how much I love the bar! I will never use liquid in a bottle ever again.

    Sulfur / Sal Bar